Plant Care & Selection

Keeping a landscape looking healthy and attractive, proper care and maintenance guidelines must be observed.

OPM Landscaping follows these guidelines and surpasses them.

  • Plant analysis – Always on top of any potential situation. Plants are living things and need care throughout the year. At OPM Landscaping, we provide excellent diagnostic skills for your landscape and preventative maintenance to keep everything healthy and fresh through the seasons.
  • Color rotations – Making sure that all color, annual or perennial is groomed and sharp. Always providing that extra touch that keeps everything looking as if it was planted that day.
  • Lawns, shrubs, planter beds and container gardens – always clean, fresh and beautiful.

Proper fertilization and plant grooming are only one part of the overall needs of your landscape. At OPM Landscaping, we know exactly how to get that long-lasting, striking look with trees, shrubs and color.

Putting our best foot forward, OPM Landscaping staff gives your landscape that professional look for that extra boost.

Your landscape will become a source of beauty and lasting enjoyment. Remember OPM Landscaping can help you maintain the ultimate in outdoor environments.

Seasonal Color

Annual flowers can provide landscaped areas with more seasonal variety and colorful accents than most other plants. The key to a memorable and successful landscape involves selecting the best placement for the best results. Planting the Annual color in accessible areas helps to reinforce that the color will be bright and lush throughout the season. Color has the greatest impact on a landscape than all of the other design elements, so a skilled professional is needed to make sure that the color in your landscape is top notch.

Our skilled team at OPM Landscaping can determine the best selection of annual color for the season and location, what will make the biggest impact or blend best with your overall landscape look.

Custom Decorative Container Gardens

A living color arrangement makes a statement! Container gardening can really bring an upscale and finished look to your landscape and give it that special touch or accent.

OPM Landscaping specializes in Container Gardens in all types, shapes and sizes. Selecting plant material from the best quality growers and deciding the best plants for the right places are essential in creating a clean, healthy Container Garden.

Choosing from specific colors, looks, and plant types, OPM Landscaping can create a bountiful and beautiful container garden for any place in your landscape.

At OPM Landscaping, we pride ourselves in bringing that special, custom touch to all commercial landscapes, large or small. We believe that finishing touches and accents add volumes to each individual landscape. Our trained team can create anything that you are looking for and consider our container gardens to be one of our specialties.