Lawn Care

Lawn care and maintenance is fully understood by our OPM Landscaping team. It takes experience and skill to keep a lawn looking it’s very best throughout all seasons. At OPM Landscaping, we provide the following expertise to ensure that the lawns at your commercial properties are the best that they can be.

Here are some necessities in growing and maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn.

  • Lawn analysis and treatment – Our OPM Landscaping staff examines the current condition of the lawn and creates an individual treatment plan to improve and maintain the overall health and look of your grass, regardless of seasonal changes or unknown weather conditions.
  • Fertilizing – Having a maintenance professional that cares for your lawn should keep your grass lush, green and beautiful.
  • Pest and Weed Control – One of the keys to success with a lawn is achieved by working hard on prevention of weeds and pests as they appear on your lawn at different times of the year.
  • Aeration – Aeration reduces compaction, allows oxygen, helps roots grow better and allows water to better access the roots.